Abundant Life

In my sermon, The Lord Is My Shepherd, on April 30, 2023, I discussed Jesus’ statement, I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly (John 10:10). I then posed the question, “What is abundant life?” As an answer, I suggested that Psalm 23 is an excellent descriptor of abundant life. When we live in relationship with God, then God provides for us and watches over us. I then requested that the congregation write down examples of abundant life that they had received or witnessed. Below are the examples that have been shared with me.



Abundant Life is…

  • Compassionate Hands. Feeding the homeless.
  • Shared affection between and among humans and animals.
  • Help put out the salt and pepper shakers on the table on Wednesday nights.
  • Close relationship between me, my spouse, and our adult children and grandchildren. What a blessing! Abundant Life Indeed.
  • Teaching at-risk teenagers.
  • When I requested on Facebook prayers for my son, gravely and suddenly ill, I was stunned by the many responses. He recovered quickly.
  • A nice, freedom to worship and plenty of everything.
  • Sharing of food.
  • Thoughtful expressions of care and concern during difficult times.
  • Help put out the music for the choir.
  • All those, both new friends and complete strangers who surrounded us during the tornado on March 3, 2020, and prayed for us. There are so many more.
  • Habitat builds.
  • The health of my grandchildren.
  • The work of Living Waters for the World and Solar Under the Sun in Latin America.
  • Abundant Life: Faith, Family, and Friends! To share my life is so rewarding, hopefully means much to others as me.
  • Community cook out.
  • Abundant Life: On Saturday, April 22, an 11 year old girl received a heart transplant at Monroe Carell Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt. She will be released to go home tomorrow, May 1! Praise be to God!
  • Abundant Life: Opportunity to spend time with family during this time of sickness. The thief is robbing me of health but not of relationships.
  • Abundant Life: Friends who take us as we are and celebrate what we have had and mourn with us.
  • Lasagna Love is a group that formed during the pandemic. We provided lasagna to people who ask to be supplied a home-cooked meal. There is no criteria to be met. It is a simple way to share God’s bounty.