Sunday School Classes

FPC offers a range of Sunday School classes for Christian Education.


A discussion-based book study that is currently reading Patterns of Evidence: A Filmmaker’s Journey by Timothy P. Mahoney and watching the corresponding documentary. This book looks at a filmmaker’s 12-year journey to see if the Exodus account in the Bible is historically accurate.

Led by George Gephardt.
Meets in the Library.

An inter-generational discussion-based Bible study that is reading Who’s Bible Is It by Jaroslav Pelikan. This book examines how the Bible came to be, who the Bible was written for, and how the Bible has been used by various cultures throughout history.

Meets upstairs in the Education building.

If you are looking for a lecture-based Bible-study class led by an knowledgeable, experienced teacher, then this is the class for you.

Led by Wayne Patton.
Meets in the back of the Sanctuary.

The newest offering at FPC, Spiritual Gifts is a discussion-based class which examines what its name describes–our spiritual gifts–and talks about what gifts God has given each of us and how we might use those gifts in our daily lives.

Led by Jim Steuck.
Meets in the Nursery (the only space available).

This discussion-based class is enjoying a curriculum titled: Go Tell It On the Mountain: Stories of Early American Hymns. Come learn about the classic hymns of your childhood.

Led by Nancy Boyd.
Meets in the Session Room (just off the Fellowship Hall).


Our early elementary class meets upstairs in the education wing and is led by Barbara Howell and uses the Growing in Grace & Gratitude curriculum. This class allows children to explore the Bible through hands-on activities and active participation in worship.

Our middle elementary class meets upstairs in the education building and is led by Marty Bone. They use the Growing in Grace & Gratitude curriculum. Through sharing Biblical stories in a variety of ways, children learn in a setting that stimulates their imagination and encourages class participation.

Our Middle School and High School Youth meet in the youth room. They use the Echo the Story curriculum which has the youth remix Bible stories in new and creative ways. This class is led by John Foutch.

Disciple Bible Study

The Disciple Bible Study program is designed to develop strong local churches through the in-depth study of scripture. Through the Disciple program, participants are strengthened in their faith and guided into service and ministry. At First Presbyterian, the Disciple program is lead by veteran teachers Catherine Hansen and Robin Orewiler. They meet each Monday at 6 pm in the chapel. They are currently studying the New Testament. To sign up, click here