Becoming a Member of FPC

Inquirers Class
Several times each year, the pastor holds a four-session Inquirers’ Class for those persons interested in becoming members of FPC. These classes are designed to help prospective members learn about our congregation, its beliefs, traditions, government, and programs. Please contact the church office or the pastor if you are interested in attending this class.

How to join First Presbyterian Church

There are three ways that you may become a member of FPC.

  • Certificate of Transfer
    If you are a baptized Christian and a member of another church and wish to join FPC then you would do so by Certificate of Transfer. This is a fairly simple process that is handled by the church office.
  • Reaffirmation of Faith
    If you have been baptized but for some reason you are not currently an active member of another church then you would join by Reaffirmation of Faith. After publicly reaffirming your faith, you will be welcomed into membership at FPC.
  • Affirmation of Faith
    Affirmation of Faith is for those adults who previously have not been baptized. Joining FPC requires baptism and a public affirmation of your belief in Jesus Christ.

As Presbyterians, we baptize children and infants. At or about age 12, these young disciples are offered the opportunity to “confirm” and accept their baptism. Confirmation is normally accompanied by a Confirmation Class that is designed to help these young people better understand their Christian baptism and what it means to become a full member of the church.