Dear Friends,

Our church is heated and cooled by two separate HVAC systems—one which serves the sanctuary and the fellowship hall and another which takes care of the education wing, offices, and chapel. The first system is running just fine (knock on wood). The second system, at 20+ years of age, is nearing the end of its lifecycle. For the past several years, repairs on that system have set us back five to eight thousand dollars each year. Presently, this unit is running on only one of its three compressors. Its days are numbered.

The kitchen HVAC

Our current HVAC unit

After exhaustive research, two engineering studies, and lengthy discussion, the Buildings and Grounds Committee unanimously recommends replacing this unit. At its meeting on Sunday, the Session agreed.

The Committee recommends that the single unit—the 20 ton system located in the kitchen—be replaced with two smaller units—10 tons for the downstairs and 7.5 tons for the upstairs—to be manufactured by Trane and installed by J&D. The cost of the project is $85,000.

There are numerous benefits to this plan which are listed below.

This HVAC system has been an item of discussion for several years. The Building Committee wanted to take action while the system still functions and avoid being forced respond to an emergency situation (such as no AC during a summer heatwave).

Funding will come from two sources. Half will come from our Building Fund and half will be paid with interest earned in our investment account.

If you have any questions about this action, please feel free to contact me, or David Howell.

We anticipate the new system being installed in July.

Meanwhile, stay cool.



  • A new system with a life expectancy of 20 years.
  • A split system with the ability to regulate the upstairs and downstairs independently.
  • Increased efficiency.
  • No monthly maintenance expenses for the cooling tower.
  • The ability to switch between heating and cooling at any time.
  • We can also expect to have reduced noise levels in the library and chapel.