Advent Devotion – December 13 – Suanne Bone

Here is my servant, whom I uphold,
my chosen, in whom my soul delights.

Isaiah 42:1-4

Scripture: Isaiah 42:1-4
For many years, my grandmother picked me up from school. I was fortunate to spend afternoons at her home before my mother arrived. Her home felt of love and warmth. My grandmother was kind and carefully chose her words. She spoke gently, but truthfully. My grandmother was patient and diligent in her faith and serving the Lord. She passed from this world leaving it better than when she arrived.

In Isaiah 42:1-4 God’s servant is described as fair, calm, patient, faithful, and true.

As Christians living in the commotion of today’s world, we must learn to find the calm and learn to serve in the midst

of chaos. To serve, one must find peace. True peace can only be found through prayer and introspection, delving into the scripture, and developing a relationship with God. A sense of calmness can be conveyed to others by speaking kind words, listening with patience, righting the wrongs or injustices, and seeking the good in others.

Small deeds attempted every day are steps we can take to serve the Lord. Jesus wants us to practice compassion and encourages unity and inclusion in our relationships. Jesus wants us to reach out to those less fortunate and help our

fellow man. We are to seek out fairness and justice for those who are wronged. We are to seek the truth and faithfully move forward in serving the Lord. We are to be God’s servants in this world.

Suanne Bone

Core Idea: Jesus comes to bring justice to the nations.

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