Advent Devotion – December 8 – Quinn Welser & Noah Carter

 “I will sing to the Lord for an overflowing victory. Horse and rider God threw into the sea” 

Exodus 15


Scripture: Exodus 15

After Pharoah frees the Israelites from captivity, Pharaoh changes his mind. He rallies his army and tries to re-capture the Israelites. Pharaoh’s army has the Israelites cornered. The Red Sea is behind them and Pharaoh’s army is in front of them. The Israelites are stuck, but God intervenes. Exodus 15 is Moses’ song of praise for God’s intervention. I am so excited for you to read our young people’s reflections on this story below.

-Michael Schulte


What do we learn about God? What does God do for God’s people?

God is a mighty warrior. God protects us by standing up to evil. In the scriptures, the Egyptians want the Israelites to be their slaves. They want the Israelites to do all the work that the powerful people do not want to do. But God says that is not right. Instead, God wants peace. God wants people to live together in harmony.

What do we learn about humanity? Why do the people praise God?

In the song, Moses is thankful that God gives the people a peaceful life and freedom from their enemies. The people praise God because God did not let something horrible happen to the people, like becoming slaves again. God parted the Red Sea for the Israelites. Like the Israelites, humans should be happy that God saves them and that God gives them life and time for family.

 God gives me hope when…

God gives me hope when my parents do not react angrily, but when they forgive me even when I do something wrong

God gives me hope when I get to see my family and especially when I get to visit my Mom in Cleveland.

This story taught us that God destroys evil and God gives us life. This life should give us hope.


Noah Carter

Quinn Welser

Food for Thought: When does God give you hope? When does God protect you from evil in our world?

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