Lenten Challenge #1

Dear Friends,

I hope you all are doing well in this age of Coronavirus. Please continue to practice social distancing. We can and should learn from our neighbors in Italy who are roughly 10 days ahead of us in the infection curve. As a pastor, I find it oddly counter-intuitive to remind my congregation that the more we can isolate ourselves, the better we will be. It should be the other way around.

Despite the events of the world, Christians are still in the Season of Lent and Lent demands spiritual discipline. For the remainder of Lent, I would like to present you with a Lenten Challenge. Each day, I will offer you a task. Many of these tasks will be influenced by our lives under the virus, others will be simple exercises of faith.

For the first task in our Lenten Challenge, between now and Wednesday evening, I want you to make a phone call to someone outside our congregation who is shut in. Today, I called my friend Ray whom I have not seen in a while to say hi and make sure he and his wife were okay. They are.

The church website now has a new page called “The Pastor’s Blog.” I will post there every day or so while we are unable to gather in person at our church. We need to remember that even though we cannot congregate physically, we are still a church.

I will be posting these challenges to the blog, and intend to make is so you can share a comment telling about your Lenten Challenge experience each day.

Lenten Blessings,

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